Action figures are still marketable even today, these character figurines made of synthetic materials such as plastic are fun to collect and play with. Most of action figures were based on a comic book character, movies, celebrities, television programs, or games. At its early production, it was market to little boys who likes playing characters brought upon by media.


Action figures are quite different from dolls since the dress is already molded on the body and cannot be taken off. There are manufacturers who includes accessories and some special features to an action figures. Hobbyists would love to collect those vintage action figures who have a complete set of accessories.


Most of these action figures are intricately sculpted and they are now considered to be luxury items that are only sold from time to time.


In the early 90's, there are some materials such as glow in the dark plastic have been used in various figures. To mention a few, "Ninja Turtles," "The Swamp Thing," and "The Toxic Crusaders" are among the most popular glow in the dark action figures in the 90's.


Along with time, superman action figure have also improved in terms of features. Today we have figures which changes colors, depends on the temperature of the environment.


The features of an action figure become more and more drastic as technology advances. There are also action figures that punches upon squeezing, along with a combat voice, "Superman" figures are the most famous ones.


Guns, laser beams, suction bullets, and cars are now included in a box set. Action figures that operates using a battery also became popular.


There are a lot of toy stores today that offers a wide variety of action figures. You can find action figures with awesome features beyond your wildest dreams and you can also find boring ones.


Visiting a toy shop can help you find new action figures that you probably have no idea it existed. You can even find vintage action figures if you are considering a rare items for collection.


Superhero action figures have dominated the toy stores and departments stores nearly 35 years ago. Figures likes Spiderman, Superman, Batman, and the Lone Ranger have their own costumes and capes included in the set.


These superheroes were always our friends, they've helped us enjoy our childhood and became a better human being.


Action figures might be made out of plastic, but they taught us the happiness is really easy to find.


Moreover, one of the best contribution that action figures gave to society is imagination - they helped us stretch our minds and made us believe that anything was possible. We used to think that our action figures are immune to everything and as we grow older we know that time eats all, and so time finally did them in - or did it?



The joy in collecting action figures is unexplainable yet so genuine.